About us

Who we are

POLUS-ST LLC is a well-established innovative company based in Russia.
The Head Operation Office is located in Moscow while R&D and production facilities are located in Akademgorodok in Novosibirsk.

Akademgorodok is one of the largest science and research areas of Russia with dozens of research institutes and universities. The company benefits greatly from this special location that provides access to new, innovative technologies and well educated and skilled personnel for production and R&D.

Our production facilities of approximately 5000 sq.m are fitted with modern manufacturing and testing equipment.
Currently the company
employs over 250 people in total.


Our mission

Finding solutions for unresolved problems.

What we do

Since our establishment in 2000, we have developed a number of unique products - RADIOBARRIER Autonomous Perimeter Security System being the most successful one.

We are constantly looking for challenging tasks, non-typical problems and unresolved issues. That is our competitive edge.

We don’t just generate ideas, we turn them into prototypes and real products.


  • 2011 - POLUS-ST LLC was recognised by the Chamber of Commerce as “The Most Innovative Privately-Held Company”.
  • 2010 - The RADIOBARRIER system was recognised as “The Best Security Solution” at the Security Bratislava Show in 2010.
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Our focus

POLUS-ST LLC has a 17-year-long history of providing high-quality innovative perimeter surveillance products for large government and corporate clients and is ready to serve you and protect your assets, whatever they may be.