Autonomous Perimeter Security System

RADIOBARRIER Autonomous Perimeter Security System is an UGS-based system for area surveillance and perimeter protection of zones with no power and communication infrastructure. The advanced UGS system utilizes different combinations of sensors to achieve efficient moving target detection.

KEY FEATURES - Revolutionary approach to UGS:

  • 5 years of autonomy;
  • mesh network;
  • unique seismic signal processing & algorithms.


  • remote control;
  • minimum maintenance & support;
  • easy integration.






RS-N Directional Seismic Sensor detects foot-borne intruders and/or vehicles based on the seismic signature they produce (UGS).  The sensor is deployed underground to the depth of 30 to 50 cm. The sensor is powered by a 5-year battery and communicates with the command and control system wirelessly.

It can operate selectively or simultaneously in the following modes:

  • Directional operating mode: displaying an arrow indicating the direction of target movement within 4 sections of the detection zone;
  • Point detection mode: detecting movement in the entire detection range of the sensor, not specifying a particular section;
  • Autonomous repeater mode;
  • Receiver mode when connected to a PC with C2 software.


1. Border Surveillance

RADIOBARRIER Perimeter Security System is an ideal security tool for extend area surveillance in any terrain including mountainous areas. The system enables 24/7 monitoring in a remote location with no power and communication infrastructure.

2. Perimeter Protection

RADIOBARRIER can be used as a stand-alone and self-contained solution for large perimeters' protection as well as an integrated part of multi-layered systems. The deployment of RADIOBARRIER as an early warning detection system provides security personnel with the time needed to safely react to potential threats.

3. Rapidly Deployable Perimeters

The RADIOBARRIER System is an easy-to-use tool to provide force protection, fulfil reconnaissance missions and create temporary perimeters thanks to its ergonomics and flexibility. You can set-up perimeters around your assets and create surveillance areas in just a few minutes.

4. Pipeline Security

More than 3100 km of oil and gas pipelines and infrastructures are being monitored and secured with the RADIOBARRIER system all over the world. The System is being used extensively by major players of oil and gas industry for crime prevention and anti-terrorism activities.

5. Critical Infrastructure Protection

An autonomous and wireless architecture of the system allows security staff to protect infrastructures located in remote and out-of-the-way places. Concealed installation of sensors significantly decreases the risk of the system damage due to vandalism acts.

Fields of application and operating principles:

» Detection devices of the System are based on different physical principals of operation: seismic (Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS)), microwave, infrared. 5-year mission life on a single battery perfectly suits the most sophisticated projects like border surveillance and pipeline security.

» Unrivaled detection range of seismic sensor offers a significant advantage in security solutions for large-scale projects such as oil well clustersrefineriesnuclear plants and power towers.

» An ability to be deployed and dismantled in a few hours due to its light weight, small size and simple installation gives a tactical advantage in hunting camp protection and mobile assets protection.

» Security solutions for protection of remote facilitiesmilitary bases and air bases in any types of terrain (including mountains, marshes and swamps) benefit greatly from wireless communication between components of the System operating in a self-configuring mesh network.

» Two-way secure radio channel provides full control of the System remotely, transmits alarms to an unlimited distance with a guaranteed delivery that is a mandatory requirement for protection of VIP air crafts and sensitive facilities as well as during reconnaissance and intelligence gathering missions.

» Flexibility of the security system is a competitive advantage while your assets are constantly changing in size and shape. The secure perimeter of milling, mining and construction sites as well as around special cargo is easily modified according to your needs.

» Being a standalone and self-contained the System turns up to be an efficient pre-warning part of other complex multi-layered surveillance systems. Easy integration at software and hardware levels has proven itself in such ambitious and large-scale projects like protection of facilities and assets during the Olympic Games Sochi 2014 and World Summit APEC 2012.