Unattended Terrain
Monitoring System


RADIOBARRIER UTMS differs from other UGS systems by its ability to retain all visual and log evidence of alarms in the internal memory of system devices.

Collected data comprises information about a target type, time and duration of the event as well as photo confirmation of the activity initiated by a human or a vehicle in the area of interest.

The data is automatically retrieved from the UTMS detection devices once the receiver enters the communication range with the sensors or can be downloaded upon a request.

  • Evidence about past activity in the area.
  • Anticipate hazards.
  • Distinguish real threat.
  • Safeguard people and equipment.


Key Feature


Onboard memory:

  • Visual and log data is stored onboard UTMS devices;
  • Collected information can be retrieved on request;
  • No need to keep ongoing communication with the deployed sensor sets.
  • Acquisition of stored data beforehand;
  • Visual confirmation of alarms;
  • Suitable for all weather conditions and any terrain;
  • Monitoring of different remote areas of interest simultaneously.
Critical Success Factors

  • Innovative approach to signal processing and algorithms;
  • Field-proven technology;
  • Unique knowledge and skills of the R&D team;
  • Continuous research and development;
  • Offline operation.
How it works